Illustration & Such
An old piece revisited. “Tesseract” watercolor and ink
Reject poster design for an upcoming show
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A bit of typography for my new business card. 
Social Anxiety
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Another goofy lil drinking sketch!
A possible poster in its first phases.
drunken scribbles
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This isn’t very good. And I don’t really care. I do this because I love it. I threw paint on paper and squished my fingers into it, and fooled around until what I saw reflected me. And yes this is my career, because I could not do another thing. And yes it is actually hard, because it’s being honest and exposed, and I’m not going to lose that so don’t try to box me up. I’m going to get a beer now, because I need one. But never as much as I’ll need art.
Also known as the ‘kaka beak’ watercolors